“G-l-a-m-o-r-ous, we’re flying first class…”

First off, Happy Hump Day everyone. I so look forward to Wednesdays – it means I’m THAT much closer to the weekend. Pretty sure I’m not the only person who gets giddy on a Wednesday night. Pretty sure I’m also not the only person who walks around the office, poking my head in random cubicles saying “MikeMikeMikeMikeMike, what day is it?!” Thank you GEICO.

I digress – the whole point of this post was to give you guys the deets on some of our LA experiences. I’ll do this in number format to keep on track…let’s be honest, get a writer going and chances are, she’ll never stop.

  1. Two words for you: Christian Louboutin. In other words, the God of all beautiful shoes, the keeper of the red soles, the creator of shoes that fill women’s dreams at night….No, I didn’t meet the wonderful designer himself, but I did have my first experience at a Christian Louboutin boutique. As we walked up to the door, we realized you had to ring a doorbell, then calling an employee to come unlock the door and allow you to enter. Toto, we were DEFINITELY not in Texas anymore. The amount of swooning that occurred as I passed through those doors is just incomparable. If only someone had taken a picture…I walked around, dreaming of all the fabulous things I could do in these glamorous beauties. Finally, I settled on THE pair of shoes. I say THE pair because, let’s be honest, it was a dream to just take one box home with me. These were the winning babies:IMG_0554As we’re walking to the checkout line, my darling, adorable, loving, doting husband stops me. He asks me if I’m SURE that’s all I wanted while we were here. My heart stops – in my ears, all I heard was “honey, let’s just buy them all!” Really what he meant was that he had picked out a much more daring, eclectic pair that he wanted me to try on. Who’s going to say no to that?! Especially when they look like this: IMG_0547What do most girls do when they can’t make a decision? They buy both! Luckily my husband already knew this was coming…he was mentally prepared. Pretty sure the only thing I’m more obsessed with than my two new pairs of CLs is my hubs. He’s legit – every girl should be super jealous that I have him.
  2. Pauly Shore. Bio Dome, anyone? I wasn’t familiar with his comedic ways, but my husband sure was…we stopped at The Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd (right next to our hotel – The Andaz…super awesome by the way) and decided to stay for the stand-up routines. When Pauly Shore walked on stage, my husbands jaw dropped. Once he regained his composure – actually, he never really regained his composure. He sat there in awe the whole time. It was wonderful to see him in a state of shock and excitement. Pauly Shore wasn’t half bad either.
  3. The Factory Kitchen. This restaurant in downtown LA is fantastic! The hubs and I spent our 6th Valentine’s Day together at this new Italian hotspot. Wish we lived closer so we could go back – guess we’ll just have to start planning our next trip to the West Coast sooner rather than later. Along with the 2 beautiful CLs mentioned earlier, the hubs and I also purchased a new DSLR camera. It was a mutual V-Day gift, or at least that’s what we’re kind-of calling it…Before you all start feeling like this was a one-sided Valentine’s Day, let me mention the 2 hours we spent at Brooks Brothers on Rodeo Drive shopping for men’s clothing. Yes, we both spoiled each other this year. I would say YOLO, but no. I won’t do it.

I’ll share more beach/ocean pictures as I finish editing them. Until then, enjoy the happiness that comes along on a Wednesday evening. Hump DAY, YEAH.

*Lyric Title: Fergie “Glamorous”*

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